Bed Bug Control

Bed Bug Control Nogales, Rio Rico & Surrounding Areas

Bed bugs are small, wingless, parasitic insects that feed exclusively on blood of humans. Although bed bugs are primarily nocturnal (active at night), they can feed during the day if they are very hungry. Over the years they have developed a resistance to regular pesticides and therefore other treatments may be necessary in order to eliminate a bed bug infestation.

Although a bed bug’s bite is painless, the effects of bed bug bites on a person’s skin results in reddened swollen bumps or wheals that become annoyingly itchy.

Although bed bugs can carry diseases, transmission to humans is very unlikely. Generally, bed bugs are not harmful to humans, unless a person is allergic to them.

At Southwest Exterminating we offer the following bed bug services:

  • Bed bug inspection
  • Trudetex system to detect bed bugs
  • Chemical treatments
  • Bed bug monitoring service

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Bed Bug Control Nogales