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Southwest Exterminating is locally owned and operated right here in Rio Rico, AZ. We offer fast and professional bee removal from walls, attics, fireplaces, roofs and trees.

Generally, bees are affected by the type of clothing people wear. for some reason, rough and dark clothing of wool or leather seems to bring out aggressive behavior. It is for this reason, professional bee keepers wear light colored, smooth textured clothes when tending their hives. Even some perfumes and colognes can annoy bees. Running or swatting at them only increases the chances of a sting. So when a bee draws approaches, you may want to relax, at which point the bees will probably lose interest in you once they realize you are not a threat.

In recent years, Africanized or “killer bees” have been found in the southern Arizona. Killer bees can be dangerous, especially for children and they are known to attack anything moving within 300 feet of their nest, even without provocation. Killer bees will chase a running vicitm much farther than other types of bees. Killer bees resemble honey bees and have become a major problem in Arizona.

If you suspect you may have a killer bee problem, please contact Southwest Exterminating immediately.

At Southwest Exterminating, our certified and trained bee technicians have the experience to eliminate your bee problem. In fact, we have been providing bee control and other pest control services to Arizona customers for over 20+ years. We also offer one of the best guarantees in all of Arizona. So when it comes to pest control the choice is clear. We’re the company you can trust.

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