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There are many species of spiders here in Arizona. However, the most common and dangerous type of spider found in and around homes in Arizona is the Brown Recluse Spider and Black Widow Spider. Both are venomous and will only bite if threatened. Generally, these spiders will avoid contact with humans.

Although rare, there have been a few reported deaths from The Brown Recluse Spider and the Black Widow Spider. If you suspect that you've been bitten by a Brown Recluse Spider or a Black Widow Spider, you should seek immediate medical treatment.

The Brown Recluse Spider is typically dark brown to sandy brown in color and a ¼ to a ⅓ of an inch in size.

The Black Widow Spider is usually described as being shiny black in color with a prominent, bright red "hour glass" shaped mark on its abdomen. The venom of a Black Widow Spider is believed to be 15 times greater than that of a rattlesnake.

The Arizona Desert Tarantula may look scary but actually possesses mildly venomous barbed hairs on its abdomen. The venomous hairs are only used as a defense mechanism when they feel threatened. Regardless, it’s best to avoid contact with Tarantulas as well as all other Arizona spiders.

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